SFLC‘s curriculum is a high-quality Early Childhood Program as established by the Virginia Star Quality Initiative Program and designed with the expertise of professional educators.

We recognize that the growth of a child is a gradual developmental process unique to each individual. Our programs are designed to support each child’s natural curiosity for learning. Young children learn by doing and are motivated by their own desire to make sense of their world. At Salem Fields Learning Center, your child will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of hands-on activities which are designed to support social, emotional, spiritual, and cognitive development. Our teachers closely observe to see what each child understands and then pose additional challenges to encourage their thinking further. Thus, our learning environment is child-directed and teacher supported with children learning information in a meaningful context rather than through drill exercise or rote memorization.

Christ-Focused Curriculum

As a faith-based learning center, we also utilize a Christian/Bible based Curriculum called Orange. The Orange Curriculum focuses on helping children learn about and develop a relationship with God utilizing lessons and activities for the child’s specific age and stage of development. The curriculum is taught in both a large group setting and classroom setting with various daily activities, games, and small group time.


In our preschool classrooms, we utilize different curriculums for the different skills and areas of learning needed to help prepare a child for Kindergarten.

We use Without Tears for handwriting where the focus is to achieve readiness in writing. The curriculum uses music, movement, letter and number recognition, number and letter formation and body awareness.

For Language and Literacy, children learn new words and develop oral language skills by listening, retelling, and narrating stories. Children also learn and practice all the words from the Kindergarten Dolch Sight word list.

In Math the children learn to use math manipulatives, flash cards, patterning, matching, sorting and problem-solving.

We also utilize art, science and sensory activities and projects to enhance the children’s learning and creativity.

The curriculum Easy Breezy is also incorporated throughout the week to prepare children socially and academically for kindergarten.