School Age Program

Distance Learning Support School Age Program

We are all about to begin a school year unlike anything we have experienced. We know that there are going to be many challenges along the way and we know there are many parents that will need help along the way. Here at Salem Fields Learning Center we want to try and support parents as much as possible in this new and very different start to the school year. Below is some more information on what we are able to provide in our Distance Learning Support Program.

Important Clarification

We want to make sure parents understand that while our teachers are very well trained and experienced and some of them are even former licensed teachers or working towards degrees in education, they are not your child’s actual public school teacher.  Therefore, while we can provide opportunity and support/assistance to complete their work we are not responsible for your child’s actual grades in their classes.  We also cannot guarantee that all of a child’s work will get completed if they are outright refusing to complete work. There will be a system in place for when this occurs to work with the parent and child to help the behavior not occur in the future.  Our ultimate goal is to work together with the child and parents to find the best way to support them in being successful in their Distance Learning.

What the Center Will Provide

  • Opportunity and support/assistance to complete Distance Learning tasks and assignments 
  • School age classrooms will have two teachers in order to provide support for completing assignments and tasks each day 
  • Online access will be available as well as ability to charge devices 
  • Procedure in place in order know what each child needs to complete and ensure students are completing their required tasks each day/week
  • Opportunities for “brain breaks” throughout the day so they aren’t sitting at a desk/table all day 
  • Outside play for at least an hour a day 
  • Breakfast, Lunch and afternoon snack 
  • Supplemental instruction and activities for Kindergarten and First grade students 
  • Being intentional with class sizes to help keep distractions down to a minimum  
  • Re-supply school supplies after initial sets provided by parents have run out 
  • Ability to print when needed (within reason) 

What Parents Will Need to Provide

  • Electronic Device to complete work with charger and headphones (no cellphones – tablet or laptops only) 
  • Pack of Copy Paper 
  • Box of Tissues 
  • Pocket Folder 
  • 1 inch Binder 
  • Due to students being unable to share supplies the following supplies will need to be provided and will be kept in your child’s individual School Supply Box to use when they are at the center
    • Pack of Pencils 
    • Box of Crayons 
    • Box of Markers (Skinny and Fat) 
    • Box of Colored Pencils 
    • Pack of Glue Sticks 
    • Bottle of Glue 
    • Scissors 
  • Any specific supplies required by their County School Teacher such as binder with tab dividers, index cards, composition notebook, Primary Journal etc…. 

Required Fees for All Students

  • Registration Fees 
    • $125 for the first child 
    • $100 for any other child registered 
  • Quarterly Activity Fees 
    • $35 due each quarter (September, December, March) 
    • Fees will go toward printing costs and providing basic school supplies as initial sets sent in by parents begin to run out 
    • Fees will go towards different activities such as crafts, games, science experiments, sensory etc… for students to engage in after their school work and/or school day is done. 

Weekly Rates

  • Kindergarten/First Grade 
    • Full Time – 5 Days a Week – $185 
    • Part Time – 3 Days a Week – $160 
    • These students will be provided support to complete their Distance Learning work provided to them by their schools as well as supplemental instruction and activities throughout the day.  
  • 2nd/3rd Grade 
    • Full Time – 5 Days a Week $175 
    • Part Time – 3 Days a Week – $150 
  • 4th/5th Grade 
    • Full Time – 5 Days a Week – $165 
    • Part Time – 3 Days a Week – $140 
  • 6th – 8th Grade 
    • Full Time – 5 Days a Week – $150 
    • Part Time – 3 Days a Week – $125 
  • Drop-Ins 
    • At this time there will be no Drop-Ins allowed as due to social distancing class sizes are limited 
  • Spotsylvania County School Staff 
    • We care greatly about the children’s education in our county.  We know it is going to be an exceptional challenge for the teachers in our county to try and teach their students online while trying to help their own children be successful in distance learning.  Therefore, we will be offering a $25 a week discount per family to any Spotyslvania County Public School Staff.  

Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

The center will continue to follow all Covid-19 policies and procedures given by State Licensing such as social distancing and sanitizing everything all day long.  Please see the Covid-19 section of our website for a explanation of all our Covid-19 policies and procedures. Information on the policies parents tend to want to know the most are below:

  • Masks 
    • Students will be required to bring a mask with them to the center each day and will be expected to wear the mask as much as possible throughout the day.  
    • All teachers and staff will be required to wear masks at all times 
  • Temperatures 
    • All students and staff will be required to have their temperature taken before entering the building and they may not enter if it is 100.4 or higher 
  • Parent Drop Off/Pick Up 
    • Parents will not be allowed to walk their child to their classroom each day. They will need to drop off and pick up their child at the front door of the center.  Their child will be escorted to and from their class by a staff member.  
  • Illness/Sick Policy 
    • As always we remind parents to please not send their child to the center if they are sick.  This is especially important now with the risk of Covid. PLEASE do not send your child to the center if they are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid.  Any child that begins to exhibit symptoms of Covid while at the center will be sent home immediately and will be not be able to return until they have a doctors note stating it is safe for them to return
    • Anyone who would like to see our Illness Policy in full please see the Family Handbook attachment under the About section of our website.